The Maguire Memorial Carillon is a 56-bell instrument consisting of 22 bells cast by Gillett and Johnston from the original Nestle Carillon of 36 bells installed in 1948, and 34 bells cast by Paccard in 1967. The Nestle bells were given by the Nestle Company of Switzerland in appreciation to the Stamford community for its hospitality during World War II.

The tower’s four reinforced concrete posts rise 255 feet. The tower is topped by a stainless steel cross that is 30 feet high and was put in place by helicopter.

The bourdon weighs 6,830 lbs. and sounds the note B2. The largest 11 bells are housed in the lower bell chamber; three of these, forming a major triad based upon the bourdon, are arranged in full swinging mountings.  The 45 smaller bells are housed in the upper bell chamber.  The console, in a teak wood cabin between the bell chambers is of “Bigelow Standard” design.  In addition to the mechanical carillon action, the 20 largest bells are playable electrically from the organ; an automatic clock-controlled mechanism plays the Cambridge Quarters on bells 6, 11, 13, and 15, with the hour struck on the bourdon.

The mixture of open surface and enclosure of the two bells chambers, the happy combination of the English and French bells, and the wide range produce a sound with both clarity and depth, on which music of all periods is effectively played, and which blends well with instruments on special occasions.  The instrument carries up to 1-1/2 miles on quiet days with favorable wind, but is not overpowering in the campus and nearby streets